Age of Gladiators Review
Age of Gladiators Review

Age of Gladiators Game – Review and basic info

There are a lot of management projects appearing this days and in Age of Gladiators review, which you’re going to read now, i’ll dig into this game and find out is there something in AoG that worth playing in it or no. For now I just say that Age of Gladiator looks much better than Elysian: Blood Game which is similar to AoG by genre and even by theme.
However, I think you should try playing just because this game is about gladiators and we all know there are not so much games about it at all. As for me, all games about gladiators I know are dramatically bad and unplayable. Will Age of Gladiator be an exception? Let’s find out.

Age of Gladiators Screenshots

Age of Gladiators gameplay

Actually Age of Gladiators is a classic Team Manager. What does it mean? It means that you’re going to set up your ludus of gladiators and rule it: train gladiators, buy weapons, if they lose half of the head on arena (by accident of course) you should heal them. And heal again if they’re start shitting with blood (because you’re gave them shit food of course). You’re going to rule not only gladiators but actual ludus too: here you can improve living conditions or organize a real prison with guards and chains. It’s your choice to make.

There are a lot of random events in game. But in my opinion they’re all looks strange because it’s always about to make some money through breaking the law. Herewith chances of success most of all depends on “Bad-ass” characteristics of your character. Your gladiators also affect on success chances but not as much as your character. And here is the thing: you’re not actually going to have any need of money when your characteristics will be enough to frequently succeed in these events.

So Age of Gladiators gameplay is pretty simple in the end of the day. It’s not hard to dig in it at all. This game makes a very strong and good first expression but after a time there pup-ups numerous of little… defects I think. For example training of gladiators is too casual: you can’t choose weapon to train, you can’t choose what skill they should train – speed, blocks, attacks e.t.c. It’s that simple: your gladiators are getting experience at the end of each turn. You just hire a coach to train them. The amount of experience your gladiators get depends on the level of coach and your gladiators intellect characteristics. That’s all.


As for me it became a big dissapointment because i always thought that training of gladiators in ludus is a very interesting aspect of the game and it sould be developed much better. But in this game – it’s not. And such casuality are everywhere in the game so gameplay is too simple as for me. Yes, it’s addictive but not deep. And what much worse it’s not intellectually challenging at all. In Age of Gladiators you can stop thinking after half an hour of playing when you get how all gameplay mechanics works.

As I said earlier your Gladiators have classic characteristics: agility, strength, stamina e.t.c. There are also special skills which let you train gladiators for specific goals. For example you can max out a chance to kill opponent on arena for one of your gladiators. It’ll help you to get rid of good fighters of other managers which are going to compete with you.

However I didn’t had a chance to understand how works most of these abilities because fights in Age of Gladiators are very static: you see avatars of two fighters that randomly doing a lot of actions non-stop and someone wins in the end. You can’t control the fight which is another disappointment. But what’s sad must of all is you’re not just can’t control the fight – you don’t even understand why you win or lost the fight. All the situations when obviously weaker gladiator kills much stronger opponent is absolutely random and not depends on your tactics and that’s why after a few hours fights becoming just a boring grind without even little of fun.

Game modes

There is only one game mode in Age of Gladiators and its single-player campaign events in which unfold in four provinces of Rome Empire: Utica, Leptis Magna, Brundisium and Rome. In each province and city we should get rid of three ludus owners by killing or buy their gladiators or bankrupt them. On start I thought it will be fun to succeed in four different provinces. But in the second one I’ve understood that there is no difference between it at all except of opponent gladiators and managers levels. I mean it, literally: it’s just more powerful enemies and bigger amount of rewards. New events, weapons or arenas? No, no and no.

Music and sound

Sound effects in game are just remarkable. But there are no much effects in Age of Gladiators but sounds that used in fights works 100% cool. Full feeling of being in a fight and basically high quality of sound design, I must say that this king of sound quality is rare in management games because its developers always thinks that sound is absolutely last thing that matters in their game. Music is cool too and I’m not disabled it after a few minutes of playing like it happening with almost half of the games.


Despite that number of limitations I noted in my Age of Gladiators review, I rather liked this game than not. In AoG you get a nice and friendly interface, great concept-art and good sound & music. Even horribly simple gameplay have a good side – it’s addicting you very fast and you can play in this game up to 20 hours easily. For those of you who searching in this game some depth and replayability – sadly but AoG isn’t for you. When you finish it once you will never play it again just because your second-play gaming experience will be absolutely identical to first.
However, I must say that Age of Gladiators it the best management game about gladiators among those I had opportunity to play.