How to Sign Up in War Thunder
How to Sign Up in War Thunder

War Thunder Sign up – 4-step How to Guide


War Thunder is a new combat simulator where you can try yourself in a chair of pilot or tank driver in very realistic multiplayer battles. If you want to Sign Up in War Thunder you can follow our instructions below or just do it yourself using “Create Account” button above. Btw it’s multi-platform game so if you want to play on PS or Xbox you should create new account just like PC players. However if you experiencing any difficulties here is our instruction for you.

Quick guide to sign up in War Thunder

  1. Go to official War Thunder website, click “Play for free” and enter your email, nickname and password.
  2. Download launcher of the game by clicking “Download game” button.
  3. Install it and execute
  4. Wait untill War Thunder downloaded and Play button turn on. Then click it (bottom-right of the launcher) and login using email and password you used to register

How to sign up in War Thunder – BIG guide

  1. For a start just go to War Thunder official website and click “Play For Free” button.
  2. Next you’ll have to apply your email, nickname, password and captcha. Make sure that you’re using working email and you have access to it. It’s neccesary if you want to be able to restore your password (if your account will be hacked or you just forget your pass). Btw we recommend you using passwords like JSf&#@nfsSPINM and just write it in the notebook (real notebook, not app in your computer). Passwords like this can’t be Brute-forced or just simply guessed like birthday-of-your-cat-passwords. Make sure that your War Thunder account and email passwords not the same. In Nickname field you should enter the name you want other players see. It’s also going to be used in Ladder and other stats.
  3. If you did wright your War Thunder Sign Up process is finished. You’ll see another window with WT install instructions. Just click on “Download Game” button and install War Thunder. If you experiencing any difficulties when downloading and installing War Thunder feel free to check this War Thunder Download guide.
  4. And the last step: go to your email, find message from War Thunder and click on the link in that email to confirm your account. If you don’t do this you won’t be able to restore your password when some dumb hackers get access to your account.

How to log in War Thunder

It’s very simple. When you downloaded and installed War Thunder, just click “Play” button in the bottom-right of the launcher. In the login form you should enter email and password you used to sign up. If you can’t login check your caps lock button. If it’s not solve the problem just click “Forgot password” and restore it.