War Thunder Download free from official site


War Thunder is a massive online multiplayer simulator of tank, aircraft and naval combat based on WW2 and cold war period. War Thunder’s coolest feature is realistic physics and tech characteristics of vehicles and weapons. If you’re new in War Thunder download it free using our guide for newcomers. If you’re experienced player just click download button, create account and download the game straight after it using launcher. War Thunder is available to download free on Windows, Mac, PS4 and even Linux. To install the right version of the game just follow our instructions in the guide below, go to official site using provided link. Your operating system will be detected automatically.

How to download War Thunder for free

  1. First of all you have to go to official website of War Thunder and create new account. Press “Play For Free” button and enter your email, nickname, password and complete captcha. After that you’ll see another window with download War Thunder links. Btw it’s better if you use different passwords for game account and email. This should increase protection level of your game account.
  2. Next step: save launcher wich will be War Thunder download application (saving dialogue should appear automatically). If it’s not, press “Download game” button and save it manually. You can download it anywhere by now because it’s just installer of a launcher.WT-3
  3. When it’s done, execute it and follow installation guide. Make sure that you’re not installing the game in system local drive and you have enough free space to download War Thunder. Also make sure that you have enough traffic limits because launcher will start downloading War Thunder on next step and it weights at least 3,5GB for mini-version and more 12.5GB if it’s full client.
  4. If you’re done well with previous step you should see actual launcher executed and started downloading the game like on screenshot below. It will download light version of War Thunder (3.6 GB) and you can start playing right after it’s done, but we’re highly recommend you to download full client with high-res textures for better gaming experience.WT-6
  5. When download and installing of the game is done you should see “PLAY” button turned red like on screenshot below. Click it to launch the game, use email and password you entered when creating accout and good luck in battle! Our other recommendation for you is to complete training missions. It’s necessary not only to learn how to play but also to gather some gold lions as a reward for completing this missions. And better start playing in arcade mode. Play this mode for 1-2 weeks or more and try realistic mode – it’s much better than arcade but requires some skills which you’ll get from your arcade experience.

By the way, War Thunder is absolutely free game with micro-transactions. You can buy in this game: premium tanks (just the easy way for those who don’t want to grind for better tanks) and premium account (more experience and silver lions after battles). You can’t buy in War Thunder: super-weapon, super-ammo, mega healing buffs and other imbalance things that turns a good game into a piece of crap.